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KAPES, We connect ALL!

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Technology that opens the new future

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Global HVDC & FACTS Leading Company

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True partner with permanent endeavor for our customers


Welcome to KEPCO-ALSTOM Power Electronics Systems Incorporation(KAPES, Inc),
the leader of development of future power grid.
We endeavor to satisfy our customers up to their standards and needs with the provision of the state-of-the art HVDC and FACTS solution.


Global HVDC & FACTS Leading Company!
We believe that innovation and technology are the foundation of future.

Management of KAPES


Global HVDC & FACTS Leading Company!
We believe that innovation and technology are the foundation of future.

  • CEO Greeting

    CEO Greeting

    All management and employees of KAPES are fully devoted to continuous endeavor for development of new business opportunity with passion & firm belief in the new future of HVDC technology and take a leap to be the new global leader.

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  • Vision & Value

    Vision & Value

    KAPES aims to secure efficiency of domestic power system and flexibility of converter station under the vision“GLOBAL HVDC & FACTS LEADING COMPANY!” to take a further step to be the leading company in North-East Super Grid to light the world.

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  • Business Model

    Business Model

    KAPES will secure domestic HVDC technology and execute EPCM projects via agreements amongst KAPE-ALSTOM-LSIS which transfer engineering competence and manufacturing competence respectively to KAPES and LSIS.

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  • Partnership


    KAPES will contribute to creating more job opportunities and continuous profit via mutual cooperation of HVDC & FACTS projects as well as domestic/overseas maintenance business opportunities with KEPCO, ALSTOM, and LSIS, our true partners.

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  • Investment and Basis of Establishment

    Investment and Basis of Establishment

    KEPCO-ALSTOM Power Electronics Systems, Inc., the joint venture, has been established by mutual investment between KEPCO and ALSTOM. LSIS has invested over 100 billiion KRW into HVDC market expecting the market to grow 1.75 Trillion KRW.

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  • History


    KEPCO and ALSTOM has concluded Joint Venture Agreement to establish KAPES on December 14th, 2013. Moreover, LSIS has been selected Designated Sub-Licensee on May 22, 2013 for manufacturing activities.

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  • Vision


    KAPES is targetting to draw the optimum strategy of HVDC and to obtain competencies for each stage of a project(basic design, engineering, manufacturing, testing and commissioning) in order to be the leading company for HVDC and FACTS EPCM business in the domestic market as well as overseas market based with cooperation of ALSTOM.

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  • Scope of Works

    Scope of Works

    Scope of works is defined as design, procurement, erection works, management, manufacturing license, consulting, R&D of HVDC & FACTS business, and KAPES is planning to expand its business territory with synergy effect via manufacturing competence transferred from ALSTOM to LSIS.

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  • Organization


    KAPES is comprised of two divisions, Technical Division(System Team, Valve Team, Control Team) and Operating Division(Management Supporting Team, Project Operation Team, Procurement Team)

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  • Social Contribution

    Social Contribution

    KAPES Social Service Group constituted in February, 2013, with CEO as a chairman, has been actively involved with social contribution activities under the slogan “Love to Neighbors and Hope to the world”. It aims to nurture healthy members of the society in the future along with the growth of the company.

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  • Find Us

    Find Us

    12 & 13 Floors, Samseong Bldg., Teheran-ro 623(Samseong-dong 170-8), Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

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  • Future created by KAPES

    Future created by KAPES

    Today, HVDC has become crucial element to resolve technical and environmental problems of power supply. It is anticipated that HVDC facilities will continue to grow over the world to settle outstanding issues of AC network.

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Product & Technology

Global HVDC & FACTS Leading Company!
We believe that innovation and technology are the foundation of future.

An HVDC system takes electrical power from an AC network, converts it to DC utilizing power electronic semiconductor such as Thyristor Valve(converter) at a converter station and transmits it to the ...
FACTS(Flexible Alternating Current Transmission System) is defined as power system technology to supplement disadvantages of AC power transmission system utilizing control technology based on semi-co...
HVDC system is classified into two types, current source and voltage source, depending on types of converter. Current converter, which is controlled by current, is line commutated converter based on ...
Reactive power is useless power incapable to work or consume any heat, but it can cause serious problem such as major blackout or power interruption when there is not enough reactive power due to vol...

KAPES Training

Global HVDC & FACTS Leading Company!
We believe that innovation and technology are the foundation of future.

「HVDC & FACTS training course」

  from A Pioneer of the High-Technology, KAPES


Features of KAPES training course

   Building a variety of HVDC & FACTS Training module

   - Consisted of total 5 Group, 27 training modules. (Continuing to be added on the list)

 ◊ Retention of experienced professional instructors

   - Having experience of more than 5 years in a HVDC & FACTS field.

  Courses can be configured to match Customer’s needs

   - Training courses can be established according to combination of each module.

 Reasonable price

  - In case that training is conducted in KAPES training center,  basically 100,000 won per hour

       8 H (1.0 Day) : 640,000 won (More than one day, 20% off )

      20 H (2.5 Day) : 1,280,000 won (More than two days, Save an additional 20% off )

      36 H (4.5 Day) : 1,850,000 won (More than four days, Save an additional 20% off )

       (More than four trainees at least are needed for training progress)




※ Contact us in advance for visiting training or special course you want

More information : 070-4652-6900 (

(135-882) 13th Floor Samsung Building, Teheranro 623 Kangnamgu ,Seoul  


Global HVDC & FACTS Leading Company!
We believe that innovation and technology are the foundation of future.


Investor Relation

HVDC market has been oligopolistic by three major companies like ABB, Siemens, ALSTOM while progressing many HVDC projects all over the world. 


“HVDC market in the world

has been oligopolistic by three major companies

like ABB, Siemens, ALSTOM, alliance with ALSTOM

to secure HVDC technology competitiveness at its early stage,

Transfer of Competence via

joint execution of domestic HVDC projects”

Korea is currently trying to develop HVDC technology to reduce its cost and to penetrate into the overseas market. As a result, we have successfully localized production of DC submarine cable whereas we are still experiencing difficulties in development of core equipment such as control&protection system, valve, converter transformer. KEPCO decided to introduce HVDC technology from ALSTOM to secure necessary competencies to increase reliability and to penetrate into overseas market. KAPES has been established by mutual investment from KEPCO and ALSTOM taking business opportunities of KEPCO and technology of ALSTOM.

KAPES will secure the technology over all stages of design, engineering, manufacturing, test&commissioning as well as necessary performance record as required qualification to penetrate into overseas market. KAPES currently have 16 employees including 2 ALSTOM secondees.

KAPES organization is comprised of technical division(System team, Valve team, Control team) and operating division(Management Supporting team, Project Operating team, Procurement team) with three teams under each division. 


“More efficient in Large-Scale Capacity of Power for

Long Distance Transmission, Economical Solution to

link between Asynchronous Networks, Suitable

Solution for Renewable Energy Transmission,

Applied to link Jeju and Mainland, Anticipated for

Global Market  to grow up to 7.5 Trillion KRW by 2020


KAPES is planning to mainly focus on KEPCO Buk-Dangjin ~ Godeok HVDC project expected to be awarded at the end of 2013. This is the essential key
for KAPES to receive successful Transfer of Competence and to stabilize its operation. Moreover, it is the very first project for KAPES which has been
strategically preparing from the tendering stage all the way to execution stage including post management plan


Along with the project, KAPES will also endeavor to obtain necessary manpower to secure engineering and manufacturing competencies for HVDC. Via systematic Transfer of Competence, we will establish and strengthen our base to expand our business territory penetrating into overseas market. In long-term, it is our goal to get involved with quality, technical analysis services, and maintenance businesses relevant to HVDC & FACTS to maintain our various profit sources.

Power business field has been quantitatively growing. It is now in the era where qualitative growth is needed. It is time to secure high-valued
technologies required by global market corresponding to its trend. Particularly, renewable energy, HVDC, smart grid businesses should be the first priority as indefinite growth expected. KAPES will be the roll-out to take a leap out of limited domestic market to be a part taker of the global market of the power industries.




Global HVDC & FACTS Leading Company!
We believe that innovation and technology are the foundation of future.


"Only Challengers Can Achieve Their Dream. Challenge Your Dream at KAPES"

Recruiting Position and Qualification

KAPES is planning to offer you great opportunities to be one of us(Dec. 2013 ~ Jan. 2014)
The details will be announced on our website in time.

Contact : Chang-gyu Son, Senior Manager in Management Supporting Team
E-mail :

Recruiting Process


KAPES People

  • Knowledge

  • Nikola Tesla
one who accumulates knowledge and technology via continuous development and effort
  • Activeness

  • Thomas Edison
 one who actively participates in self-development and growth of the company
  • Professionalism

  • Michael Faraday
one who improves his/her expertise via experience of projects and relevant tasks

  • Expansion

  • Benjamin Franklin
one who expands human network and knowledge

  • Sustainability

  • Steve Jobs
one who sustains his/her passion and original intention to accomplish his/her goals


Global HVDC & FACTS Leading Company!
We believe that innovation and technology are the foundation of future.

Bulletin Board

Convocation of Business Fair relevant to selection of ere...

A business presentation with respect to selection of erection companies for HVDC & FACTS is scheduled to be held as follows.

1. Date : September 25th(Wed), 15:00

2. Place : KAPES 13th Floor Main Conference Room
- 13th Floor, Samseong Bldg., Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

3. Eligible Participants : Representative Director or applicable personnel from Applicant Companies for training course of requisite competent manpower in HVDC & FACTS erection Companies.

4. Main Contents

○ HVDC & FACTS Projects
○ Introduction of Training Course for Requisite Competent Manpower
○ Due Diligence Plan for HVDC & FACTS Erection Companies
○ Q & A
5. Contact of Inquiries : 82 70 4652 6064

Tools Requirements for Erection Companies

Regarding Appenix 4-4 of Standard Procedure for HVDC & FACTS Erection Companies,

Tools requirements only applies to the companies qualified in the 1st evaluation and Due Diligence to be finally registered as HVDC & FACTS erection companies of KAPES.

Contact of Inquiries : 82 70 4652 6064


Global HVDC & FACTS Leading Company!
We believe that innovation and technology are the foundation of future.
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  • Addr : 12th & 13th Floor, Samseong Bldg., Teheran-ro 623(Samseong-dong 170-8), Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Telephone: +82 70 4652 6072
  • Fax: +82 70 4652 6000
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